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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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Short Notes of my Life
rather than renounce his principles, and was juring preacher,  and had lately been sent i apothecary's,  where  he lodged, for his treas< sation, and for sending fifteen or sixteen lett< night, whichrthe people of the house suspected for purposes not more innocent.    Whatever were, he had too little prudence to do much ] little sense.    His book was a rhapsody of Jaci still more foolish by the style and manner, and scurrility.    I wish I may never  have wisei tyranny abler advocates !   It is observable thi distributed hand-bills, and left them at doors, p answer, and begging assistance towards it. was published in the Critical Review a letter tc of it,  from  some   anonymous person,  denyi mentioned in the life of the Duke of Whartor Catalogue, of Serjeant Wynne borrowing and • Atterbury's speech: yet it was absolutely true, the bishop's grandson, often told it to Mr. Selv* remembered the fact,  when he was at Oxfo: Baptist Leveson Gower says he perfectly remej that his (then) party affected to cry him up fo got three thousand pounds the first year on the but they were forced to drop him, as he had support his reputation.    In truth, when I wrot< in question, I did not know Mr. Wynne was am sorry to have shocked a man who had £ provocation, and therefore, to avoid adding one : to another, which I did not mean, I have choi no reply.
In August, I wrote a copy of verses, called Register of Twickenham. It is a list of all the persons who have lived there.
Sept. 1st.    I began to look over Mr. Vertue's 1